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Casta Rolera es una iniciativa que pretende recopilar proyectos anteriores de juegos de rol, documentos propios, varias recopilaciones y proyectos personales como traducciones, diseños y maquetaciones de manuales, hojas de personaje o complementos.
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Juego de Tronos: Bonds of Blood and Honor [Aventura - Inglés]

“Bonds of Blood and Honour” is an introductory adventure for A Game of Thrones RPG. It is structured around the “Noble House” campaign style. It is not completely scripted, and requires the GM to fl esh out certain details and make important decisions about some aspects of the plot. Additionally, it does not provide stat write-ups for the major NPCs, instead referring to the sample NPCs from the core rulebook. Note that the adventure is written for the d20-based Open Gaming rules, but includes the corresponding Tri-Stat System rules [italicised, in brackets], when appropriate.