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Casta Rolera es una iniciativa que pretende recopilar proyectos anteriores de juegos de rol, documentos propios, varias recopilaciones y proyectos personales como traducciones, diseños y maquetaciones de manuales, hojas de personaje o complementos.
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Mutant Future [Juego Completo - Ingles]

Autores: Daniel Proctor y Ryan Denison.

The primary assumption in Mutant Future is that society has collapsed after a major nuclear war or disaster in the game world. The society that existed just prior to the fall was technologically advanced. Nuclear fallout is common, and most creatures have mutated to have different appearances or special powers. The genre is science fantasy, so mutations and technology do not necessarily make sense in “real” scientific terms. Another assumption of Mutant Future is that the current society has fallen into a technological dark age of a level similar to medieval Europe. The most common weapons, equipment, and vehicles will be similar to this time period, with technological artifacts being mysterious, even “magical.” Technology has become what “treasure” or “magic items” are in typical fantasy games, such as Labyrinth Lord.


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