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Casta Rolera es una iniciativa que pretende recopilar proyectos anteriores de juegos de rol, documentos propios, varias recopilaciones y proyectos personales como traducciones, diseños y maquetaciones de manuales, hojas de personaje o complementos.
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Savage Worlds: Gamma World [Juego Completo - Inglés]

Autor: Kenneth Macarthur

Ragnarok came as prophesied. Vast hosts of Light and Dark descended from the unfathomable heavens enmeshed in their eternal battle, demanding that allegiances be declared, that souls be dedicated, that a final conflict be waged. Multitudes rallied around the banners of their chosen Godhead, accreting ire, honing madness. Then, the Seals were opened with the Keys of Light and Heat; and the Voices of Gods and Demons raged across the sky. Cataclysms rocked the roots of the Earth. Seas became steam, stone flowed like water; the air burned. The Thunder of the Final Judgment of Men and Gods shattered the moon and forever changed the Face of World. The Ladders of Life were split asunder.


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